Eye Conditions


Cataracts are usually an ageing of the ocular lens. As we get older the lens gets harder and develops opacities. These cause yellowing of color vision and blurring of everyday vision and sometimes light glare. The process is usually gradual but some conditions like diabetes can bring this on sooner.
If cataracts get too dense then they need an extraction. These are covered under the NHS. Appointment times can vary but Dignity Eyecare have access to clinics which can fast track your referral to 2 weeks.


This is defined as progressive optic nerve disease and can be characterised by elevated intraocular pressure. Having raised pressure doesn’t necessarily mean you have Glaucoma but it is A risk factor. Glaucoma affects peripheral vision which can increase the risk of falls. Those at particular risk include diabetics, short sighted people (myopia), Afro-Caribbeans, dementia.


Age related macular degeneration

Age related macular degeneration (ARMD) is the most common cause of visual loss in the UK yet it is also one of the least understood by members of the public. The central part of the retina; the macula is damaged through age and this causes a loss of central vision. This can be of two types; dry or wet. The dry form is the more common version and it is slower in it’s progress but there is no treatment for it. Wet ARMD is more acute in its onset and more devastating. If the damage isn’t that severe, it can be managed with laser and eye injections.
Smoking and UV exposure are a risk factor.


Diabetes can cause lasting damage to the eyes by causing haemorrhages to the blood vessels of the retina. Therefore it’s very important to have regular eye tests and diabetic eye screenings. Dignity Eyecare can send a diabetic report to your GP if you so wish.